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Dezvoltare web
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Web design Satu Mare, companie de dezvoltare și branding web

Suntem specializați în crearea de:

  • Design de pagini web corporative


    Corporate Website Design

    Ne mândrim cu personalizarea de website-uri corporative la comandă, originale și unice. De la ilustraţii personalizate până la seturi de imagini și icon-uri manuale, aceste modele grafice sunt de cea mai înaltă calitate, cum nici nu ne imaginam altfel.

  • Landing Pages


    Landing Pages

    Are you planning to launch a new product or service or have a new unique offer? We can build you a custom landing page to make your launch successful.

  • Ecommerce Websites


    Ecommerce Websites

    We offer well crafted, perfectly optimized, feature rich ecommerce solutions based on in depth analysis of your competition, your audience and your industry.

  • Custom Web Development


    Custom Web Development

    We specialize in complex functionality to address your growing business needs. When you need to create a truly custom solution you can count on us to be your team.


All of our websites are perfectly optimized for Mobile. Why is that important?

As of 2013 amount of users visiting websites on mobile devices exceeded those using traditional desktops or laptops for the first time and it only keeps rising.

  • Larger Audience

    Responsive design helps you in reaching a wider audience. It doesn’t matter if your visitors use PC or Mac, Laptop or Phone – they will get perfect viewing experience every time

  • Helps your Search Engine Rankings

    As of 2014 responsive websites have priority over non-responsive ones when it comes to position in the search results. This can be critical as position increases or decreases can have a huge impact on the number of your number of potential leads

  • More effective Social Media Marketing

    Many of your potential clients use social media to look for more information on businesses when your site is mobile optimized it makes the transition from Social Media to your website much smoother

  • New Functionality

    Now the users can use gestures and finger controls to interact with your website. This creates additional opportunities to engage your audience and engagement leads to higher conversion.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs

    Now you can manage your entire website via a single set of controls. Your mobile and traditional website are interconnected and reflect changes simultaneously and without any special skills.


The purpose of any marketing tool is to attract attention and to deliver a resonating message.

We put our many years of design experience to achieve that result in all of our graphic design projects.

  • Web-design

  • Corporate branding

  • Сorporate identity

  • Consumer branding

  • Grafice și animații cu caracter informativ

  • Motion design

  • Design ambalaj

  • Design imprimare


I have a website but it doesn't do anything for my business...

Don't let that happen to you. Your website can be your biggest asset but only if it reaches your audience and then converts them into new clients. Let our marketing experts boost your visibility and your conversions.

  • Web-Analytics & Usability

  • SEO - Search engine optimization

  • SEM - Search engine marketing

  • SMM - Social media marketing




  • Consulting

Augment your business further with a mobile app.

Reach entirely new audience and provide additional value to your users via a finely crafted mobile APP. Whether it's IOS or Android we can make a custom solution for you.

  • Configuration, servicing and integration consultation of computational HARDWARE

  • Consultation, installation, configuration and upkeep of general and custom SOFTWARE systems

  • Network design, implementation, operation, maintenance and optimization


We have vast experience working with various industries from non profits and government contractors to investment firms and manufacturing

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CascoPet WebShop

Casco Helme

Philip Bad & Haustechnik

Pizzeria Marcellino

Hungaro Medical Service

Majestic Events


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Urgent website improvement services

Is your website in a desperate need of an effective facelift?

  • Does it have proper call to action placement?
  • Is design based on heat map analysis?
  • Are your value propositions properly highlighted?
  • Is information effectively delivered?
  • Is customer communication facilitated and encouraged?

Does it even comply with the current web standards?

Is your website in a desperate need of an effective facelift?

  • Is it mobile optimized for every device?
  • Does it pass W3C validation for any critical code errors?
  • Is it optimized to load fast for better user experience?
  • Is it cross browser and cross platform compatible so you don't miss any potential customers?

So Why Work with Us?

  • Flowless job history

    (This kind of claim does count for something, right?) Over 10 years of satisfied costumers - don't trust us, trust them!

  • One stop shop...

    ...offering top quality, unique design, custom dev solutions and effective online marketing (Psst some of us brew beer and make mean beef jerky too1)

  • Incredible portfolio

    We love to brag about it while looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter Let us know if we're as good as we say!

  • Peace of mind...

    ...with our bulletproof warranty, free training and ongoing support (Yep, that is true No bs)

  • We speak YOUR language in YOUR timezone

    (Our Cofee machine is strong and Our Google translate skills are impeccable Give us a try

  • Strong team...

    ...of 5 experts ready to make your every wish come true (Whether you want us to always be there for you OR disappear after one awe-inspiring project - We will obey you, master


Peter Ugocean

Project Director


Csongor Delczeg

Art Director


Timea Nagy

Marketing Development


Zsolt Pleban

Director of IT


Karoly Suveg

Video & Photography



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